Course Intro

Reading Class for Children

  • Level
  • Beginner-A1
  • Course features
  • In this course, children will be taught : (1) With different categories of reading content ,so they can recognize more words or phrases. Once they find reading interesting, they will be even more motivated to read and learn Mandarin. In addition, their comprehensive skills will also be trained.
  • In this course, children will be provided : (1) With corresponding worksheet to each lesson (2) With contents in their workbook
  • Interactive teaching methods are introduced : (1) By frequent interaction between lecturer and students (2) By consistent activities during the course (3) By actual trainings and practices
  • Course description
  • This course is specifically designed for children between 3 to 5 and 6 to 12. It is aimed to strengthen children’s reading abilities. Since recognizing Chinese characters is the first step in reading, teachers will patiently guide children to read and understand the article during the course. Once they find reading in Mandarin interesting, they will feel more motivated to learn.

    We clearly recognize that the way children learn Mandarin is very different from the way people of other age groups do. Therefore, we have specifically designed this course in hope of a more efficient and joyful learning environment for children. Meanwhile, it also gives them more opportunities to learn to read in Mandarin and to train their comprehensive abilities.

    Besides, fun activities will be carried out to help strengthen their reading skills.
  • Learners who are suitable for the program
  • Children starting from the beginning
  • Children interested in learning Mandarin
  • Children attending through platforms with parents’ assistance
  • Course content
  • Lesson 1 Contents can be personalized and adjusted according to students’ level and needs.

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