Course Intro

Pinyin Course

  • Level
  • Beginner-A1
  • Course features
  • This course teaches: (1) Introduction of Pinyin system (2) Pinyin (Numbers 1~10, 18 verbs, 8 nouns) (3) Tone change rules
  • Each lesson provides: (1) Pinyin chart with audio (2) Flash cards with pinyin and a picture on it
  • Interactive teaching: (1) Teacher-student interaction (2) Interactive teaching activities (3) Demonstrations and practices
  • Course description
  • Mandarin PINYIN is an essential part for all Chinese learners before master learning Mandarin. We have designed a series of lessons where you can build up a solid foundation of Pinyin while learning numbers and other useful vocabulary. Learning something meaningful is a good way to help you memorize.
    After you have completed the course, you will be able to pronounce every Pinyin and recognize the difference between four tones. In order to make the right tone, practice is inevitable. Practice makes perfect.
  • Learners who are suitable for the program
  • Beginners who just start learning Mandarin
  • Ones who wants to learn Pinyin system
  • Course content
  • Lesson 1 Pronunciation Part 1 (Numbers 1~10)
  • Lesson 2 Pronunciation Part 2 (6 verbs)
  • Lesson 3 Pronunciation Part 3 (6 verbs)
  • Lesson 4 Pronunciation Part 4(6 verbs)
  • Lesson 5 Pronunciation Part 5 (8 nouns)
  • Lesson 6 Pronunciation Part 6 (Tone change rules)

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