Course Intro

Zhuyin Course

  • Level
  • Band Novice
  • Course features
  • This course includes an introduction to Zhuyin system, and the rules of Mandarin tones.
  • In every class, we provide Zhuyin cards and audio files.
  • Interactive teaching and in-class practice and presentation are featured in every class.
  • Course description
  • Zhuyin system is crucial to learning Mandarin. This course is designed to help you master Zhuyin system. Besides, the rules of Mandarin four tones are another focus of the course. By effective pronunciation training, learners can identify the differences among the four tones, and pronounce Mandarin precisely.
  • Learners who are suitable for the program
  • Beginners in learning Mandarin
  • People who would like to learn Zhuyin
  • Course content
  • Lesson 1 Prononciation Part1
  • Lesson 2 Prononciation Part2
  • Lesson 3 Prononciation Part3
  • Lesson 4 Prononciation Part4
  • Lesson 5 Prononciation Part5
  • Lesson 6 Prononciation Part6

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Hsuan-Hsun Wang ( Julie ) 王宣勳

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