Course Intro

Business Mandarin

  • Level
  • Beginners
  • Course features
  • This course features skills for business negotiation and business presentation in Mandarin, and introduces Chinese business culture and etiquette.
  • In every class, we provide situational animated films of business, Mandarin grammar films, vocabulary lists, and evaluation.
  • Interactive teaching is featured in every class, including teaching with audio-video aids, and in-class practice and presentation.
  • Course description
  • Our course is designed for those who would like to do business with the Mandarin speaking world. It includes real-life business situations to help you understand more about Mandarin business culture. Through our various course topics, you can advance your friendship and cooperation with your colleagues in the Mandarin speaking world.
  • Learners who are suitable for the program
  • Learners with basic Mandarin spelling & writing ability
  • People who are interested in learning Mandarin
  • Course content
  • Lesson 1 Making a phone call.
  • Lesson 2 Making an appointment
  • Lesson 3 Self-introduction
  • Lesson 4 Introducing other people
  • Lesson 5 Asking for help
  • Lesson 6 Turning someone down politely
  • Lesson 7 Receiving a visitor
  • Lesson 8 Having a small talk
  • Lesson 9 Giving compliments
  • Lesson 10 Accepting compliments

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