Online Mandarin Course for Children (6-12 years old)

In the summer of 2021, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages College and Operation Center of Mandarin started working with overseas institutions in the United States of America and Germany on online Mandarin courses for children, which last for about six months. Mandarin courses with different categories and themes are designed according to requirement from each institution, including Reading & Writing, Oral Expression Training, and Basic Conversation for Starters.

The contents of our online Mandarin course are designed according to students’ age and language ability, so children can learn easily through them. New starters will be taught by storytelling which allows them to learn and understand Mandarin from stories or tales. As for students with higher level, they will be dubbing stories into either language, so they get to learn to create and work together as a team. Then, they will also be presenting their work together after class. Every student gets chances to participate in each in-class activities under such relaxing and interesting learning environment. Meanwhile, they will gain experiences and achievements from the classes.

Moreover, we received extraordinary feedbacks on our online Mandarin courses for children at the end of the section. Parents were satisfied with the courses and opportunities which allowed children from overseas to learn Mandarin, too. In addition, parents and our collaborating partners were both looking forward to having more opportunities like this in the near future, so we could bring Mandarin language further into the international market. Meanwhile, children could continue learning Mandarin with our teachers under a pleasant environment.

Finally, if you would like to collaborate with us or know more about our online courses, please contact us directly. It is our pleasure to get in touch with you for further information.
Phone number: +886-7-3426031 #3323